Tiny House

Summary: ... to be written ...

Link to a Technical Brief

Simple R-C circuit with sources to model thermal performance of a small building. This simple model is similar to early programmable calculator building modeling approaches, yet all building modeling software make use of the electrical conductivity/thermal conductivity analogy.

Question: how complex must a model be?

Build a simple toy model and perform an experiment.

Outside view of tiny house.
View of inside of house showing location of temperature and light sensors. For some experiments a water-filled canister was placed inside as a thermal mass.
Temperature and light sensors placed inside and outside house. Data logged using a LabJack USB A/D system with a linux laptop.
deep freeze
Place tiny house in freezer and monitor inside and outside temperatures.


Simple R-C circuit model fits the experiment well.

Future work:

  • Instrument a real house. A Raspberry Pi system has already been configured for this experiment.
  • Use genetic algorithms to find the simplest R-C circuit model able to provide useful results.